Samsung Clp-510 Driver Download

Tuesday, September 19th 2017. | SAMSUNG
N are positioned inward the middle of Samsung color printer problem SAMSUNG CLP Samsung Clp-510 Driver Download
SAMSUNG CLP-510 DRIVER DOWNLOAD– The Samsung CLP-510 as adept as 510N are positioned inward the middle of Samsung color printer line. The distinction inward between the 510 as adept as the 510N is the integrated 10/100 network adapter discovered inward the 510N. The accuse per unit of measurement of mensuration distinction inward between the printers is that the CLP-510 is $100.00 less than the CLP-510N. So, if networking is not required, relieve the cash together with opt for the CLP-510.
Printers pick out really progressed a long agency considering that the Epson lxxx indicate matrix of decades back. Populate matrix printers are unopen absolutely gone, as adept as every private seems to pick out an inkjet printer these day. Inkjets are fine printers as adept a yoke of lilliputian things: ink commonly alone lasts a pair G of spider spider web pages together with runs $30.00 to $40.00 each cartridge, together with the ink tin alive smeared if the paper splashes. So if yous lot intend to proceed expense down, yous lot obtain a printer. Below yous lot typically invest regarding $60.00-90.00 each printer toner cartridge, together with too they impress 5,000 spider spider web pages per toner typically. The alone resultant has really been that a shade Light Amplification yesteryear Stimulated Emission of Radiation printer has really set yous lot dorsum $1,500.00 to $5,000.00, or at to the lowest grade that is but how it used to be. Over the terminal seat out of years, shade lasers pick out been obtaining existent inexpensive, together with too today I am going to banking concern jibe out 1 such printer, the Samsung CLP-510N.
This is a printer which releases existent reduced degrees of sound. The Samsung CLP-510n toner colours are the typical cyan, magenta, yellow as adept as nighttime available inward 5,000 spider spider web page furnish for the cyan, magenta as adept as yellow together with too 7,000 page yield for the black. These are reasonable sized Samsung toners for an economical climate printer together with too coupled with a big 350 canvass paper tray as requirement; this set-up testament enable yous lot to impress huge files without the consistent headache of changing the consumables together with too replenishing the paper. An extra waster printer toner cartridge, transfer belt together with imaging organization testament sure as shooting demand to alive bought nearly 50,000 pages.
The printer produces come about graphic symbol nighttime together with white message together with too practical color replication with 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution inward fellowship to assist practice service prepared files. The impress speeds as mentioned earlier are peachy with monochrome printing rates of 25 spider spider web pages each min as adept as color printing at 6 pages per minute. Initial spider spider web page out for nighttime together with white printing is around thirteen seconds together with it could create hit with a commutation series of media including cards, openness, envelopes, tags together with ordinary paper.
The Samsung CLP-510 has the helpful typical percentage of automatic double-sided printer, which tin typically business office out to alive costly additional. An additional 500 canvass paper tray could too alive acquired, taking this printer unopen to a magnificent 850 sheets. The retentivity inward the delivered printer is 64MB together with tin too alive increased to 192MB
There are no gimmicks with this device; it is an unproblematic as adept as adept workhorse which testament sure as shooting purchase the farm on generating credible printing on demand for a busy private or lilliputian workgroup. The agency the engine has been produced likewise agency this is a trusted printer, as it has much less moving components.
Printer Summary
Samsung CLP-510 Color Printer is an attractive service to a fellowship owner inward demand of high graphic symbol color printing at broadband together with too depression cost. The industry-leading features include integrated automatic duplexing for error-free two-sided printing with 350-sheet paper capability, a noiseless engine for tranquillity procedure, as adept as cross-platform USB connection. CLP-510 is a dependable printer for any type of mid-sized service.



The maximum size: A4;
Automatic two-sided printing: Yes;
Number of colors: 4;
The maximum resolution for b/w printing: 1200×1200 dpi;
The maximum resolution for color printing: 1200×1200 dpi;
Print speed: 24 pages/minute (b/w A4), 6 pages/minute (color, A4);
First page out: thirteen c (b/w), 21 c (color);

General Features

Device: printer;
Type of printing: color;
At business office printing: Laser;
Placement: desktop;


Paper weight: 60-163 g/m2;
Printing on: carte stock, transparencies, labels, glossy paper, envelopes, matte paper;
Drum life: 50,000 pages;
Resource color cartridge/toner: 5000 pages;
Resource B/W cartridge/toner: 7,000 pages;
Number of cartridges: 4;
Type of cartridge/toner: CLP-K500D5 black, cyan CLP-C500D5, Magenta CLP-M500D5, yellow CLP-Y500D5;


Paper Feed: 350 sheet. (Standard), 850 sheet. (Maximum);
Paper output: 250 sheet. (Standard);


The amount of memory: 64 MB, 192 MB maximum;
Processor: Samsung SPGPm;


Interfaces: USB 2.0;

Fonts And Control Languages

PostScript support: no;

Additional Information

OS Support: Windows, Linux, Mac OS;
Minimum System Requirements: Intel Pentium + 32 Mb RAM;
Information Display: LCD Panel;
Noise at Work: 48 dB;
Dimensions (WxHxD): 510x405x467 mm;
Weight: 32 kg;